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Use technology for data collection, analysis and discovery.


Assistants to help you do better technology and product research.


InfoMinder tracks web pages and sends alerts when the content changes. Our customers use it for lead generation (tracking RFPs), competitor tracking, creating collections, legal case tracking and environment information monitoring.

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Tweet Assistant

Tweet Assistant helps you gather tweets, extract hashtags and mentions and find lists and influencers. Using Tweet Assistant you can monitor activity in specific markets or industry segments, track companies and products.

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Search Assistant

Search Assistant is a layer built on top of Google Search that retrieves top 100 results for searches. You can use this data for mining information.Search Assistant can also be used to find new sources of information about specific topics.

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Introduction to Clustering in Python with PyCaret | by Moez Ali | Dec, 2021 | Towards Data Science

The trafilatura web scraping package seamlessly downloads and processes web pages

It supports ATOM/RSS feeds, web crawling and various output formats (CSV, JSON, Markdown, XML)

Example: 👇👇

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Google Aims to Provide Enterprise Stability with new API Guidelines | ProgrammableWeb

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The use of Twitter by state high court judges: Journal of Information Technology & Politics: Vol 16, No 4

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