Micro Knowledge Bases – The Need

You read a document. You gain some knowledge. How do you retain it for recall or reuse? There are many techniques for individuals.

What about organizational knowledge?

Let us pick product teams as an example. There are so many pieces of useful information that you can extract and build a knowledge graph.

1. Other similar products, including direct and indirect competitors

2. Vocabulary of the space to communicate effectively with your prospects and customers.

3. Potential prospects and where they hang out and express/exchange their needs and problems.

4. Investors and users of a specific product category

5. Experts and influencers in this market place specific to the product

Can we use tools for gathering information and little bits of intelligence to automate parts of these tasks?

Some of the research in Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies provides hints at partial automation. These include large language models (LLMs), some of the NLP tasks like named entity recognition (NER), topic modeling and more. They are not complete solutions yet, but getting better all the time.